Oct 19, 2008


When the pastor and other christians prayed for me, I felt really warm inside. I couldn't stop crying as I felt that all the emotions that I've been suppressing inside me were coming out. All of the Alpha group members were crying. Lilly was there too and the next moment I saw something surprising...

She was crying so loud and then she fell on the ground. Her body became stiff and she looked as if she was struggling.It was quite surprising thing to see. I touched her hand and her fingers were stiff too. She was crying for a long time and she couldn't get up so we were just praying for her. And 40 minutes later, she fell asleep and she looked peaceful so we left here lying there.

It is hard to describe what I saw that day but everything seemed so beautiful. I felt as if I was in heaven or somewhere. We all gave each other big hugs and we felt connected to each other. I've
never felt like that before.

20 minutes later, Lily got up and she had a bright smile like a baby. She didn't remember anything of what happened before, how she was crying and how her body became hard etc... She was looking happy and said, "I know God now!"

I felt the same too. I felt that God was there with us. This was the first time that I "felt" God's presence. Everything looked so beautiful in my eyes. I felt relaly warm inside and for the first time I realised that God was real. I had no doubts anymore. We didn't want to go home straight after Alpha so we all went to the cafe. We couldn't stop talking about what happened in us throughout that day!

When I went back home, my mum was surprised to see me looking happy. I was really excited! I don't have to doubt anymore. God is real. I'm a Christian!

I wanted to get baptised as soon as possible :)

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