Oct 16, 2008

Spiritual warfare????

I used to hear about spiritual warfare, but I didn't know that I'll experience that straight after my decision to get baptised.

My father, who is not a Christian, became so angry about our decision to get baptised. He threatened my mother and said that she can not get baptised.

We prayed together a lot. It was good how my mother was strong about her decision.Although he attaced us through words and his attitude, we believed in God and we treated him nicely.
When my father realised that our decision was definite, he gave up. He knew that he couldn't take care of our lives. He said, "I can't find a good reason to stop you getting baptised. Afterall it's your life."

Also Lilly who were going to get baptised with us said that she wasn't sure anymore. Whenever people prayed for her, she felt better and said that she will get baptised but it always changed.
Another Chinese girl also said that she wasn't sure anymore because she thought that she was not "good enough." She was in the process of getting divorced and couldn't stop smoking and she was afraid to be committed to one church. But when people told about God's grace and His power to change her life she looked better.

Another Japanese girl who was going to get baptised with her started worrying too as her parents were buddhists and she didn't want other Christians to know that she wasn't baptised yet because people thought she was baptised already.

Everyone was challenged in different ways. We didn't know how many will actually get baptised until the day...