Nov 1, 2008

What is true love?

On Alpha week 5, I've learned about how to read the Bible. It was easy to understand when someone said that the Bible was "a love letter from God." According to that person, the Bible has answers to all the problems in life including, work, relationships, marriage, friendship and family.

During the small group, we talked about LOVE. Christians said that Christianity is all about love. Becoming a Christian means that we start a relationship with God. It's all about loving God and people.

Then one guy who wasn't a Christian asked this question.

"I think women can relate to it when you say, "Christianity is about love." But as a man, I can't really relate to that. Can you please explain what's the difference between God's love and love between people???"

I wasn't a Christian back then but I remember saying this to him.

"I don't know about true love too. For example, even if I had a boyfriend, I won't be sure if that love will last forever. I don't know if my friends will accept me if I just opened myself up completely. And I know that they can't stay with me all the time.

But when I think about true love I think about my family. My parents know all my weaknesses and they've seen all sides of me. I know that they love me unconditionally. And I will love them no matter what.

I've started to think that if God really exists, His love will be bigger than any love between people. Even bigger than my parents love!!! His love must be HUGE!"

All the Christians were smiling and nodding when I shared this.

I started to know more about God little by little. But yet I wasn't feeling God in my heart...