Oct 17, 2008

I'm getting baptised with you!

On the last day of Alpha I decided to get baptised.

I thought getting baptised was like having a wedding ceremony.I was already a Christian because I prayed that prayer to receive Jesus, but I didn't feel complete. I wanted to tell the whole world that I am going to live a new life with Jesus!

Also, I wanted to get baptised before I leave Australia.

During the final Alpha session I was asked to share my testimony.

This is what I shared.

"I came to this Alpha course through my mother. Every week I struggled a lot because I couldn't understand things. But at the same time I felt peace.
One experience that totally changed me was the Holy Spirit day. Until that day, I was struggling to make a decision to become a Christian because I knew that I was going to Japan, the country that only has less than 1% Christians.

I didn't understand why I wanted to know more about Christianity when I had a plan to go back to Japan, but every week I got closer to God. But now that I know God, I am so happy that I made the decision to receive Jesus and I am not scared to tell people that I've became a Christian. I believe that I'll still face difficult times in my life but I can overcome anything because nothing can be worse than the life wtihout Jesus. I'm not alone anymore!
And I am so thankful that people prayed for me and shined their lights to me. I want to do that to others as well. I want to keep on sowing seeds."

Everyone clapped and gave me big hugs. I felt really happy.

Other people gave great speeches too. One guy called Adrian said,

" I used to be logical and focus on education. I've always been successful in my life. I had great career. But I felt that something was lacking in me. That's when my friend invited me to Alpha course. I realised that perhaps I was missing God's love in my life. Since I started coming to alpha, I've been feeling God's love in my heart. I felt His love through other people too. I'm so happy that I came to Alpha. And I'm going to get baptised too."

It was amazing to see him becoming a softer and softer throughout the course.Only God can change people to this extent!

When I arrived home, my mother gave me a big smile and said,

"Izumi... I decided to get baptised with you!!!"

My mum had been struggling for a long time, but finally she made that decision.That was because she had been talking to this one Christian woman who had been struggling for years to get baptised or not. She thought she didn't want to be like her!

My mother's eyes were shining. I was overwhelmed with joy. I'm going to get baptised with my mum!!! and my other Alpha friends!!! I couldn't wait until one of the best days of my life...