Oct 30, 2008

Am I a Christian now???

One thing that I didn't know until I started going to church.I used to think you can't call yourself a "Christian" until you get baptised.

But as I got to know alot of people, I realised that there were Christians who weren't baptised yet.

So I didn't know that the moment that you make a DECISION to accept Jesus in your life, you become a Christian.

On 31st October I decided to drive myself to church for the first time. This was my first time to go to Sunday Church Service.

I was soooo nervous driving! I prayed to God that he will safely take me to church.
On the way I made a mistake and turned in the wrong corner.

OH NO....!!!!

I didn't know how to go back the right road... usually I would panic in this situation but I felt peace. I was praying "God give me courage and strength." Around this time I was starting to feel that something LARGER than myself was protecting me.

When I arrived to church, everyone was worshipping joyfully with the loud band music. Lilly was there and she was crying heaps.

As I sang along, I felt that I was changing... I was thinking,

"I want to believe in God like other Christians. I want to experience Him.All my life, I only could believe in the things that I could see... but perhaps the things that I can not see are the most important."

At the end of the message, the preacher said,

"If you want to receive Jesus Christ as your saviour today, If you want to know more about Jesus, please raise your hand."

When I heard this I raised my hand because I wanted to know more about Jesus.


I realised what I've done when all the Christian friends surrounded me with tears...! Everyone hugged me and said,

"Congratulations I'm happy that you're now a Christian!!!!"


I didn't know that this decision was such an important one! I believed in Jesus but I wasn't ready to call myself a Christian. I couldn't speak because I was too surprised.


But strangely I didn't feel uncomfortable. I felt joy.

I didn't notice the change yet, but I was thinking
"Perhaps it was good that I've made this decision! I can't go back anymore. I don't know everything yet but I believe that one day I'll feel God just like them. "