Nov 9, 2008

How I started going to church

People become interested in God in different ways, but I became interested in Christianity through people.

Ofcourse, there were some "Christians" who weren't living as Christians, but most of the Christians that I knew were really wonderful. Most of the Christians including those over 60s and those in the same age group looked really happy.

My mum (who was not a Christian back then) started to go to church to learn free English lessons. That class used stories from the Bible. She started sharing about Christian values that she learned to me.

And when I met her Christian teachers, they were so warm and I wanted to become warm and kind like them! I was really touched when they prayed for me to do well in HSC.

I always thought these Christians were different from others. I wanted to know why.

I was surprised that they thought about death in a different way from non-Christians. They told me that because they believed in God, they'll go to heaven. I was wondering if that was why Christians weren't afraid of dying. I really wanted to be like them. I used to be scared whenever I thought about death.

I had so many fears in my life. I started to think, "If I had a foundation like them, perhaps I can overcome any tragedies in my life."

When I got to know them better, I realised that many of them who looked really happy had tragic pasts. I wanted to know how they overcame those experiences. I knew that I couldn't be strong ike them if I faced the same situation as didn't have any foundation.

And one day I met someone special in my life. No... it's not Mr. Right! It wasn't Jesus YET. It was Guy Sebastian, the winner of Australian Idol!

I was always supporting him since I heard him singing. He was not only a great singer, but I also liked his attitude and things that he spoke.

And when I found out that he was a Christian, I thought, "No wonder!"I thought he was different. Other contestants were really focusing on themselves and stressed. But Guy was always thankful and humble.

After Guy became the Australian Idol, he decided to do a secret charity live in the church that I got saved later. It was a secret live because he wanted to raise money for missions work in Asia privately. My mum's friend invited her to come so I came along too.

That was my first experience going to a youthy church (like jesuslifehouse) and that day, my image of Christianity was completely destroyed..... (in a good way!)