Oct 18, 2008

Relationship with God :)

Since the Holy Spirit day, I've changed completely.

I couldn't hear the voice inside me that used to accuse me all the time.Instead, I felt warm inside... I felt that God was saying to me

"It's okay... I love you and I am with you."

And I realised that I had to get rid of my pride.

Before I became a Christian I didn't have a good relationship with my father because I had pride. But after being filled with the Holy Spirit, I was able to say sorry and and I became softer. I could easily love my father.

I was always smiling even when people weren't around me because I was really happy.
I said more positive things all the time. And I saw the good sides of things.

Other Christians said that "I can see that you're filled with the Holy Spirit. It's like the honeymoon period for Christians."

I felt closer to other Christians. I felt as if they were my true family.

Also whenever I worshipped at church, I couldn't stop crying!That was the tear of joy. Since then I started to put on water-proof mascara! (LOL)

Praying that seemed so difficult became so simple and easy!

I couldn't stop smiling because I realised that finally I had a relationship with God :)

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