Nov 5, 2008

What made me drive again...

I used to hear from other Christians that you can be changed by God without noticing.

After 4 weeks of Alpha, I was feeling that something was changing in me. This happened when I decided to drive to church.

This is quite embarrassing to share, but I never liked driving and I had no confidence at all with my skills and sense of direction, so I always asked other people to drive for me.

Even going to Alpha Course, my mother used to drive me there and picked me up afterwards. I used to feel sorry for my mother and I was embarrassed because I had my license already but I didn’t have the courage to drive.

And because I didn’t want my mother to drive me all the time I didn’t go to church service or young adults. It was quite inconvenient but that was how much I didn’t want to drive. But on week 5 of Alpha, something happened that changed my mind.

That day as I was waiting for my mother to come and drive the car for me, she suddenly said to me, “I think you should go next week, not today.” It was raining heavily outside! My mother always hated driving in the rain.

But because Alpha had become the highlight of my week, I couldn’t say “ok, let’s stay home.” I begged my mother. Even she said no, I asked her many times.

My mother started to get angry at my stubbornness and said, “It’s okay if you miss ONE SESSION. No one is going to come in this rain!!!”

But I couldn’t give up. I just felt that I HAD TO GO there.

So my mother ended up driving me to church. As I was watching her in the car looking so upset, I was thinking,

“ I guess I have to start driving again… I feel sorry that my mother has to drive me like this. I want to take my own responsibility.”

When I arrived to church, EVERYONE was there. They welcomed me with warm hugs!! No one skipped alpha because of the rain. I was happy that I didn’t give up.

So this is how I decided to drive again :)

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