Nov 6, 2008

Jesus...what does He have to do with me???

2nd week of Alpha, I learned about Jesus Christ.

Growing up in Australia, I heard about Jesus so many times. But when I saw the video, I realised that actually didn't know about Jesus that much...

I didn't know why God sent his Son to die for everyone, why people celebrate his resurrection and I couldn't relate to him at all.

During the small group, things became clear to me but I was still trying to understand things in my head. I didn't get it from my heart. I couldn't still believe that Jesus died and rose again. Well, even if that's true, what does He have to do with me?

It was interesting to hear about who Jesus was to Christians though.

One woman said, "He is like my husband". One man said, "He's my best friend."

Listening to all of this, I was wondering,

"Would I be able to believe in Jesus and get excited about Him like they do?"

I still had doubts, but because I enjoyed learning and spending time with these people I decided to come again the following week.

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