Oct 31, 2008

First Youth Group Experience

One of the young boys from Alpha invited me to Youth group so I went there for the first time.
I thought it's going to be just like a meeting where you hear the message and study the bible.That was how it was like anyway in other churches that I went before.


When I arrived to the church, I heard massive sound coming out... Drums... guitar etc... and smoke coming out from there as well...

where am I? Live concert???

Young people there looked as if they were going to clubbing or something. They looked cool. They were jumping up and down raising hands... but I didn't know what to do.
The youth leader was LOUD and FUNNY.

It took me a while to process, but then I got used to it and started enjoying the atmosphere.

Afterwards we went upstairs and divided into small groups.The topic of discussion was "God's plan."I had no idea back then so I was mainly listening. I was surprised to hear these cool looking people talking about DREAM, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, VISION etc.That was because I've never heard young people talking about something serious like that before.

They all talked about their future dreams and vision and prayed for each other.But at this time I didn't know how to pray so I asked people to pray for me.

I honestly shared about my feelings to one girl in that group.

"I don't know why I'm going to Alpha and these kind of meetings because I'm going to go to Japan in February anyway.I'm not a Christian... but the funny thing is I feel comfortable when I come here."

Then the girl smiled at me and said,

"I believe that God called you here to tell you something.It's not an accident. Perhaps you haven't found the answer yet and feeling confused but it's good that you're seeking.So don't worry! I'll pray for you too"

I felt accepted hearing this. I loved her beautiful smile.

I met alot of people this day. It was good to meet people in my age group with faith.

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