Oct 31, 2008

"Why can't I feel God's love like her? "

One person who really played a important part in my life. Ursula, a German lady who married a Japanese man. She was the leader of Japanese Alpha Course and she led so many Japanese to God.

My mother met her in Alpha Course and they became good friends.She was a passionate woman who was full of faith. I liked her alot.

After week 5 of Alpha, she invited us to her house. Then I met one Japanese girl who was studying in Australia and one Taiwanese lady.

The Taiwanese lady was interested in Christianity but she had so many doubts. She was a little confused at this time because she learned wrong teachings from cult religion before.She was trying to understand things by "studying" just like me.

The Japanese girl, Lilly (nickname) surprised me. She cried all the time when she talked about God. She was "feeling" God in her heart.I was feeling strange when I saw her crying because I wasn't like her.

I just assumed that perhaps she had a sad past and she's desperate to be healed. That's because most Christians that I knew had tragic past before they believed in God.

But Lilly was different. She just never heard about Jesus Christ until she started going to church.She said she couldn't stop crying from the moment she heard about Jesus and His cross.And then she accepted everything and she felt God's love instantly.

When I heard this, I was envious of her. How can she just accept everything so quickly?
Why can't I feel God's love like her?

When Ursula and Lilly found out that I've never been to Sunday services, they strongly recommended me to go.

I was thinking, "Would this change me if I went to a church service???"
All the time during Alpha I didn't go to church services because I didn't want to bother my mother to drive for me.

So I made a decision to drive myself to Alpha and Sunday Services.

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