Nov 11, 2008

Before I became a Christian...

My family moved to Sydney when I was 4 years old. I grew up knowing so many Christians but I never thought that I'll become a Christian.

None of my family members or relatives were Christians. So I thought Christianity was not for me. When I saw Christians going to church every Sunday, I didn't understand why they would sacrifice their time.I couldn't relate to God and Jesus at all back then.

But funny thing was... I ended up going to a private Christian girl's school for 6 years!

We had chapel service every wednesday and I took religious studies but because I was so bored, I always fell asleep. Also that was the time exchange letters with my friends who were also bored.

It's quite embarrasing to say that I don't remember anything about what they shared in the weekly chapel service.

Ironically, because we had to sing songs and pray the same prayer over and over again, I memorised them.Some people thought I was a Christian because of that!

Some of my Christian friends invited me to church bbqs and events, so I went there when I couldn't think of a good reason to say no.All of these Christian people were friendly and nice and I had fun. But whenever I went to church services or bible studies, I felt really uncomfortable.

Then I felt guilty of just going to events so I stopped going.

I used to think, "I'll think about becoming a Christian when I face hard times in my life...I don't need any religion because I don't have any problems right now..."

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